DreamVisionFilm.com has compiled a list of resources to help you develop your projects.  Below you will find links and resources to various software, hardware, production resources and tutorials to get you started.  This list is updated frequently so be sure to keep checking back.
God OF Thunder Music - www.godofthundermusic.com
Offers a complete line of guitars, basses, amplifiers, drums and many other instruments.  Also utilizes professional trained and experienced music instructors for all major instruments in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area.

Studio 1 Productions - www.studio1productions.com
Manufacturer and Reseller of XLR Adapters, Jib Arms, Zoom Controller, Animations, Stock Footage and other products for the film and video industry.

Vortexual Dreams Production - http://www.wheredreamsbecomeareality.com
Offers custom designed websites, presentations, graphic logos, Wedding Videography and Photography Services
, video and web commercials and more at affordable prices.  Also offers an affordable online marketing strategies to generate result driven online advertising.

More on the way!


Software Resources

Pinnacle's Avid Liquid 7

Software Store
Laughingbird Software's The Logo Creator v4.1 - M


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