Links for Aspiring Film Makers

IndieWire: the leading source on independent film since 1986.  Contains a substantial amount of information regarding independent film making and films produced.
Radius the Movie:
This site shows what can be accomplished when making a film without a huge budget or fancy equipment.  In fact, most of the editing occurred at Starbucks using an Apple Laptop, external drive, Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
Making The Film  a project that has been set up to document the transition into the world of film-making from an unrelated background. The project will culminate with the production of a low-budget feature film. The film will be put into practice using all the advice and tips undoubtedly pick up along the way.  Has interviews with various film makers and also has a forum for film production related discussions.
Camcorder Reviews - Camcorder reviews, articles and information on consumer video production. Empowering people to make video in that inspires, encourages and equips for success.

Financing Resources:
Nextwave was a production branch of IFC before it closed in 2001. The website is still up and running featuring in depth case studies of some of the most successful lo budget films like El Mariachi and Clerks.
A personal webpage that contains an impressive amount of information on film financing, particularly in the UK. The author explains key terms, demystifies the structure of the industry, and offers information on grants and financiers.
An online network that helps filmmakers find investors, grants, funds, and distributors. Requires a fee membership, but claims to have thousands of contacts.
Established by the government in 2000 the UK Film Council is committed to fostering a competitive and vibrant film industry in the UK and has 20 million pounds to allocate in training, production, and developing funds annually. This website contains all the details on getting a piece of the pie for your production.
An excellent bibliography with many links to resources and publications about fundraising as well as to funding sources complied by fundraising consultant Morrie Warshawski.

Explains in simple terms how to write a treatment--provides several examples from major films.
Features a series of essays outlining the basics of writing, developing, purchasing, protecting, and breaking down a script.
Many excellent essays by industry professionals about various elements of screenwriting and the screenwriting trade.
All inclusive resource for the screenwriting trade--contacts for production companies, agency's, managers and lawyers, info on contests, examples of all necessary documents, and the latest news in script sales.
The best way to write better screenplays is to read the ones that work. This website provides thousands of classic and contemporary film and TV scripts a mouse click away.


Paperwork Resources:
Small site with downloadable pre-production documents.

Media Talent Bank is a database of creative individuals and freelancers from the West Midlands region, accessible to companies across the UK.
From clapper loaders to steadicam ops this website offers profiles, references, and CV's of crew members for hire.
An invaluable portal for searching out full crews or specialized technicians with the right experience across the entire globe.
This site provides a searchable database of crew member resumes with direct e-mail contact between client and professional. The search can be specifically categorized by skill, location, title, etc.

Film Shooting:
Articles on how improve DIY production from building your own steadicam to making video look more like film.
Resources and information on handling film with a directory of crews.
Highly detailed guides to High Def digital video production. Comprehensive technical information unlocking the mysteries of the DV and HD world. Also includes equipment specs and rental services.
Though maintained by a California sound production company, this website contains all the information on how to record location sound yourself. Helpful tips on microphone selection, placement, and care for in the field shooting.

DV Film:
Guides, articles, and clips with a specific emphasis on DV tools, electronic cinematography, and comprehensive digital cinema information
Brilliant guide to making a film in DV- advice on preproduction, production, postproduction, and delivery. Includes offers on various software and DV products.
Links galore to information and resources on all aspects of technical DV making. Includes reviews and comparisons on DV products.
Features the lowdown on all products DV. Specs, product reviews, and explanations for the not-so-savvy.
Hub for news, reviews, and features on DV cameras, hardware, software, and all other things digital. Features articles on current artists doing significant work with DV and a community forum for tips and discussion on Indie Filmmaking.

Step by step explanations of the technology required to effectively edit professionally on a desktop system.
Specifically oriented towards those using Final Cut and Afer Effects, this website offers tips and tutorials to make the editing process faster and more successful.
Website of a magazine by the same name offers reviews of new and classic desktop editing programs and a wealth of basic information that will help you turn your computer into a fully equipped editing suite.

Scoring and Sound Design:
Website of the famous composer Evan Evans and contains a how to section focusing on filmscoring theory and creative devices.
Articles and how-to on the technical side of scoring. Information on makes and models of recording equipment, synthesizers, and midi devices.

Film Festival Resources:
New international exchange that makes the process of submitting work to film festivals easy and efficient for filmmakers. Includes extensive information on film festivals around the world.
Promoting various international film festivals by way of links to submit and promote work, information and news on international film festivals and festival films, and links to watch festival films online.
Extensive database of links to information on film festivals in every country.
Simpleton access to search for film festivals all over the world.
Exclusively digital annual film festival with categories for both short films and features of all genres.
Listings of festivals, awards, and grants.

Contains links to various PR companies in the UK.
"Building your business through free publicity..." Comprehensive and highly informative PR site with links to resources which advise filmmakers of the do's and don'ts of public relations.
Short but very helpful advise on publicizing independent films.

General Resources
Overview tips from pre to post-production on a low-budget film project. Their advice is useful despite their claim to be geared towards low-budget with a specific figure: "If you don't have $15,000 or more . . . sorry, but miracle workers we're not." Part of Dov S-S Simens website for his renowned teaching methods which provide a crash course for writing, producing, and directing independent feature films. Filmmakers like Guy Ritchie, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino are among his alumni who achieved their first successes following his instruction. The resources section of his web film school site contains an exhaustive list of industry specific links from A to Z.
Unbeatable source for news, buzz, and gossip on independent productions, festivals, and personalities. The site also contains a variety of well kept message boards which harbor a community atmosphere and key contact information for companies you won't find anywhere else.
An attractive site containing an abundance of great information on a mammoth scale of filmmaking topics.
Dedicated to helping independent filmmakers do what they love by offering links and information on current projects that are underway and on fellow filmmakers in your area.
Online community for independent filmmakers with a forum for communication, free ad posting, and a screening room to post your film for discussion and feedback. The discussion board can also be browsed, providing a substantial resource for general filmmaking information.
Massive newsgroup site that provides up-to-date bulletins to filmmakers regarding production, screenwriting, casting, animation, documentary filmmaking, and much more. The subscriber community is over 30,000 large and is an invaluable resource of peers.
Film Arts Foundation is one of the nation's top resource centers for independent filmmakers. Film Arts has a film festival, exhibition, education, grants, fiscal sponsorship programs, equipment rental facility, and publishes Release Print magazine.



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