Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. is a complete video production company that is interested in helping others promote their film projects.  As a result, this website ( www.dreamvisionfilm.com and www.dreamvisionworks.com ) has been created as an avenue to help independent film makers promote their talents.  While individuals are not allowed to directly solicit individuals about purchasing their films or services, they are able to communicate themselves through their own websites and company within the credits of the short film submitted.  As a result, individuals may be able to gain notoriety in conjunction with their short film.

Additionally, since individuals anywhere in the world will be able to gain access to this website and view and give their votes and opinions about the submitted films, it may also help individuals gain insight into various audience reactions to their film work.  It may also help improve the quality of future films through obtaining constructive criticism about previous video work.

For those who are just getting into the film making process, Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. has provided some useful information related to the film making process in the form of specific film resource websites, business services, video production software and hardware resources.

The staff at Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. hope you find this site to be as enjoyable and informational as it intended.  


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